February 2, 2014

Vegan bean dip and vegan purses: one of those is made up.

Drop your foam rolling or callus removing right now and get on pinterest to pin this vegan 5 layer bean dip recipe. I didn't take a picture because I was too busy stuffing my face, but here's one from her site.

The Lean Clean Eating Machine

I didn't even know that vegan sour cream existed (spoiler: it's ground up cashews with lemon and vinegar), but now I want to make it my only food group. I already loved cashew butter, so there was a solid chance that I would become totally obsessed with this. Now I just need to try and find cheaper cashews with which to make this. Anyone know of that magical place (maybe rainbow unicorns also live there)? Costco, can you help me out?

We also made this healthier version of Reese's Cups. Will definitely satisfy a craving for the real deal when you're trying to avoid refined sugar. These are made with peanut butter, honey, and unsweetened chocolate. We just rolled ours into balls to make it easier than trying to cut out shapes. I think the fact that I skipped over making the dessert into a shape before consuming takes me down a notch or two on the awesome mom scale. Especially because it was recommended right there in the recipe. But I did let me kids help and subsequently smear chocolate in their hair. So that balances out the points lost.

Somehow the week of snow turned into the week of gluttony, where I ate all the things. And I felt no regret, although I was more crabby to my family at all the times. I'm waiting for my Girl Scout cookies to get here so that I can return to better eating after making those my breakfast, lunch and dinner one day. I'm not sure yet if I'm joking or not. 

Quick, look back up to the part of the post where I mentioned making healthy snacks for the Super Bowl watching. Now back to me. Now look down here at my exercise.

Sunday: none. Resting.

Monday: none. I was feeling another rest day, so I took it.

Tuesday: none. Although I did get in lots of unclocked hiking to get my kids from school. Somehow it was our middle child who got left at school the longest on the day we got snowed in (they called off school at 11:30, and we made it there finally at 3:30). Classic middle child problem: you are the only kid who gets stranded at school.

Wednesday: none. Again, unless you count the hill repeats with sledding, which I do. But I'm not really sure how many we did, so I can't put it on Runkeeper.

Thursday: 12-mile snow run (counting it as a trail run because of the similar difficulty) with my trail buddies Sally and Mindy. I needed this run so badly after being cooped up with no running for four days. In my mind, I could afford Sunday and Monday rest days, but I was planning to hit it hard after that. Then life happened, and I ended up with four rest days on accident. Moral of this story: get in your workouts at your first opportunity because the later opportunities might slip away before you get to them.

Oh, and snow running when your town does not function in snow is perfection. It's just you and some buds in the middle of the deserted streets, only occasionally having to worry about Duck Dynasty passing you on an ATV or a weary person placing floorboard mats under their tires trying to unstick their car from a ditch. And I forgot how bright snow is! Reminder to self: wear sunglasses when snow running.

Friday: 5.5 miles and strength training with my gym buddies. Because our street was still frozen over and my husband was home from work, I got to literally run to the gym. I even ran back a library book on my way and was feeling so urban. The gym is only a mile away, but you might remember from this post that we have no crosswalks for major roads. So it is a little sketchy to run the mile to the gym. Sadly.

Saturday: 14.5 miles, group run. We opted to meet early with the Birmingham Track Club group at the Trak Shak, where they are so nice to let us in to stay warm before the run.

This is just a fraction of the folks there that morning. My buddy Lara, front and center, was trying to hit a 9:00/mile pace for her marathon training. We actually came pretty close, Coach Alex (this is a test to see if he is reading this). 

It's hard to believe that just two days before this run we were stuck at our house because of an ice storm. Look at that sunshine! And dysfunctional water fountains make getting a drink just as challenging as running double digits. 

After the run, the track club president met folks to hand out the new 1200 Mile Club jackets. New, cooler jackets this year! And even though I already earned my jacket last year (you get a free jacket your first year and patches in subsequent years), I decided to buy this new one that fits a little better. Plus it was really warm, and I was cold after the run (despite the sun).

Do you think it's a vegan design? I'm just asking because I saw this bag online that mentioned "vegan design" as one of its attributes. Did vegans design it? Do only plants use it? Do you pay for it with lettuce? Please explain to me what the heck that means!

What is vegan design? Bonus points for most creative answer. 

Favorite Super Bowl snack? We also had some really great Wisconsin craft root beer

Have you missed any runs because of weather lately? Hoping that that doesn't happen again soon! Or at least I now know which shoes to wear if it does. 

Would you rather have to hike five miles uphill in your dress shoes during an ice storm to get home or have to watch that boring Super Bowl over again? 


  1. I am so tired of running in under 20° saw a 40° day decided all the days leading up to it were rest days. Well worth it. I think I may hit a 30 minute 5k in April.

    Vegan design um...designed my veggie eaters with vegan supplies on old time sewing machine.

    My favorite Super Bowl food is an oddy: Caramel chewy.

    Give me 5 mile hike in dress shoes please the hike is way shorter than that 4 hour game. As much as companies paid for ad space the commercials were not as great as they should have been. Wow me...Get me to laugh...Do something unexpected...

    1. And 90% of commercials were for cars. Snooze fest!

  2. ((SMH))
    the sad thing is I still covet it ;-)

  3. Wow - I've been following your blog for a year?! I remember when you got your 1200 mile jacket!!

  4. i ran in the snow, too! except our streets in the 'hood were salted/treated so i was fine on the main road. sidewalks and side streets were a different story (and i'm lucky to live on a main road). i'm totally making these pbutter cups this snowpocolypse round 2 this week. along with attempting a flourless chocolate chip blondie (using chickpeas). I will have plenty of free time sitting around for 2 days.

    also, next time I come to town i'm letting you know...I stay at the Aloft right near the track shak!

    1. So far we haven't gotten any snow yet, but we are on our second day off of school because of the threat of snow. Kind of fun, kind of annoying. And please let me know when you come again! Have you ever made it out to the Trak Shak run? Wednesday nights in Homewood, the runners take over. It's just two steps from your hotel.


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