February 3, 2014

Yak Pak review and giveaway!

Alert: if you have an aversion to cool stuff, like fully stocked 90% off racks at Target and breakfast in bed every day for life, look away now. Otherwise, please proceed to this Yak Pak review and giveaway. 

My Yak Pak arrived on my doorstep one rainy day, and I was more than ready to get out of the house and use it for all the fun things, like snacks for play dates, hauling sweaty runner gear, and maybe even a musical instrument or two. Kazoo, anyone? But then my daughter saw it and immediately begged to have it. Does she have a cool backpack already? Yes. Does she think this one is cooler? Yes. 

And guess what that tells me. I've still got it. And by it, I mean the ability to impress anyone under that age of 11. That's why I try so hard to outrun kids in that age group at races. They need role models!

For real, I love that Yak Pak is not afraid to use bright colors that appeal to adults and kids, but I love even more that they make high quality products. Nothing is more annoying than when your Spiderman backpack's zipper falls off two weeks after school starts. Yak Pak is built with sturdy materials to stand the test of time and child abuse, which means abuse by children not to them. Probably should reword that but going to let it stay so you guys know that nothing gets left out of these blog posts. All of my most genius moments are right here on these virtual pages. 

See, no bedazzling to catch on your sweater, but you still won't get bored with their bright prints. 

And just when I was convinced that my favorite color was orange, I realized that there might be a new contender. Currently stockpiling: anything turquoise. 

I stole this pack back from my daughter to take with me on my Snowpocalypse 2014 mission to retrieve my son from school, four hours after they officially closed for the day. I fit several jackets and hats inside with plenty of room for more. 

Mission accomplished! My son was warm for the hike home, which ended in a round of hot chocolate for all involved. 

Yak Pak doesn't just make backpacks. They make lunch bags, totes, purses, and even some electronics (stylish of course), stools, boxes, luggage, and more. Based on the quality and fun of this product, I would trust this brand to try more. 

Do you want a chance to try Yak Pak for yourself? These guys do.

You can find Yak Pak to purchase online or at a retailer near you. They're also on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or Pinterest

Or even better WIN A YAK PAK!

Yak Pak is offering one reader a chance to pick one of their products to try, and I'm hosting my very first Rafflecopter giveaway to pick the winner. So far so good. Setting it up was a piece of cake. Here's to hoping this saves me a lot of time counting entries in excel spreadsheets.

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