March 2, 2014

Mississippi 50 results

A quick note to let you guys know that yesterday's Mission Run 50 Miles was a success. Finished with a lot of help from local friends! Special shout out goes to my coach, Alex Morrow, for sticking with me to the finish and to our friend Lara for "running" (there was a lot of shuffling and complaining about me needing to vomit in there) the last 6 miles with us.

All of our local friends who were there helped in so many ways with encouragement as we came through the aid stations, changing our muddy socks for us, giving us nourishment and nourishment ideas ("Here, eat these chips ASAP!"), telling stories while on the run, and just in general helping me finish by knowing that we were all in the hurt it together (that's to you Tanya, Ryan, Sally, Greg, Mindy).

Finish time: 10:31. Exhaustedness: 100%.