April 22, 2014

Boston Marathon results and giveaway winners

Boston, Boston, Boston, I love you so much. Because I'm typing on my phone (just can't get as wordy as I like here because typing is too slow!), this will be a brief summary of Boston.

Because qualifying for Boston took A LOT of hard work for me, I saw the race there as the prize. You work hard so you can enjoy the spoils. Then last year's bombings happened, making this race even more meaningful. Not only was it my prize for personal hard work, but add to that a sense of determination from every runner and spectator to prove that good will not succumb to evil in the world. The feeling there yesterday was a mix of pride, sadness for this who suffered, elation that an American won (which I heard shouts of along the course -- "The American won. The American won."), excitement, and joy. I've never experienced anything like it. 

My family was able to catch up with me to take the pic below. Unfortunately I didn't see them, although they thought I did. Nope, just a lot of that crazy excited arm action going on yesterday. Notice that in this pic I'm running the same path as Meb ran a few of hours earlier. I love that about this sport: the elites and rookies run the same path on the same day.

My goal was to enjoy every minute of the course. The only real running goal I had was to not walk Heartbreak Hill (below). Nailed it! 

My favorite spot on the whole course (other than the finish) was Boston College. Those kids were so fun. If you go in for one high five there, expect to ride that wave for another 500 high fives. They were pumped.

But the whole course was full of Boston Strong. And Boston was just that yesterday.

I finished in 4:11, not a personal record and slower than my first marathon, but it felt amazing. My only regret is that I didn't slow down more on Boylston to savor that experience. I just wanted to stand there and soak that in, but I got swept through with excitement. 

The support I felt from family and friends yesterday was overwhelming. Thank you to all of you for believing in me and showing so much love yesterday. 


Winners of the Ortholite giveaway are Kristie Northern, Tanya Sylvan, and Teresa Millstone. Congrats, y'all! Please email me your shoe size and address to yomommaruns(at)gmail.com.