April 20, 2014

Headed to Boston

If you could possibly feel a heart swell with excitement, I think I'm doing that now. 

We're catching our connecting flight in Baltimore, and we're surrounded by blue and yellow Boston gear, plus the occasional hint of orange from this year's gear line.

Alone with no kids! This is weird/awesome/scary/the best.

My daughter thinks it is this.

Why are ten year olds so smart?

I also picked out a book at the library that I thought my husband and I could enjoy in five minute intervals. 

I said "intervals" because I'm a runner. 

And in case you missed my Facebook post, check out my interview with ABC yesterday. http://www.abc3340.com/story/25291022/local-mom-ready-for-boston-marathon

There is a video out there somewhere, but I haven't located it yet. 

Time to go to airplane mode and get my Demetri Martin on. 

And last day to enter the Ortholite giveaway (last post)!


  1. SOAK IT ALL UP GIRL!!! You will forever savor this memory.

  2. Enjoy it!!! Enjoy it for all the slow girls!!

  3. yay! woohoo!! I'm SO excited for you! Plus, I'm excited to try to find that book now.
    I can't wait to read lengthy, gushing recaps from you.

  4. WOOOHOOO!!! Tomorrow is going to be awesome!!!!!

  5. Wishing you a wonderful race. Maybe I'll see you out there on the course, except you are way faster than me!

  6. Good luck - have a great time!!!


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