April 5, 2014

It takes a village to run long (plus more Boston Marathon gear!)

Some Saturdays, it takes a village to get the long run done. My husband wasn't available this morning, which means that I had to get creative on this whole long-run-with-kids business. This is where marathon training gets the most complex. Running the actual marathon is easy compared to figuring out how to fit in long runs around family schedules.

I had 17 miles on the books today, so I went to the gym for the first 11. Thank you, kid care department!

One of my coping techniques was staring at the trees in the distance and pretending that they were surrounding me. Imaginary trail running at its best. Also, I varied the incline in .5-mile increments. Up, flat, down, up, flat, down. Luckily these treadmills decline as well as incline, which I feel gives a more realistic representation of the roads. 

I would have done all of my miles there, but I ran out of babysitting time.

So my next plan was to finish up the last six at a track, where the kids could play while I ran. But my brother saved the day by agreeing to let the kids come play with him while he was at the Darter Festival at Railroad Park. Then I could run around the park instead of at the track. Live music, hooping, plenty to see = so much better than 24 loops on a track. 

The village got this 17-mile run done. Now to taper for Boston. 

And I got my B-town jacket. It took about two minutes to get here. Really, it was two days later. Pretty stinking fast. I love it so much -- the colors, the relaxed fit, the reflective Boston Marathon emblems on the front. The only thing it is missing for me is thumb holes. 

It passed the jump test too, so sold. I ordered a bunch of other random items to test too. In case you are looking at this stuff, I'll tell you what I thought.

The Boston Marathon Supernova Tee was cute, and I had high hopes because I liked the colors and fabric. But the fit was horrible on me. Tight on the waist, loose up top. If you are shaped more like Barbie, this will be perfect on you. If you are shaped like a 12-year-old boy with a poochy belly, then this will not work for you. 

I really liked the Response Hoodie. Soft and so comfortable. The only thing I worry about with this one is that the design on the front is that velvety puff stuff (we only use official names for things on this blog), and I feel like that might not hold up very well. Still deciding if I should keep or return this. 

The Boston Marathon Graphic Tee is going back. It fits like the supernova tee, tight on the waist and loose in the bosoms. Not flattering on me at all. The stripe around the neck is actually the color of the emblem on the front and not orange. I really wish this one fit better. I would definitely have kept it if it did. 

The Boston Marathon Official Race Tee is not a tech shirt. It's a cotton tee. It probably mentioned that somewhere on the site, but for some reason I was expecting it to be a tech shirt. The fit of this one was better than the tech tees above, but I'm still not sold completely on $30 (plus a 20% off code) for this shirt. It gets a meh from me. 

The Boston Marathon Runs as One Tee is also a cotton tee. Again, it fits me better than the tech tees. The logo is printed in a reflective silver, which I thought was kind of cool. I will probably keep this one. 

Yes, I did go a little crazy with ordering, but I had the 20% off coupon code and can return whatever doesn't work (which turns out to be a lot) for no extra charge. 

What is the craziest arrangement you've ever had to make for a long run? 

Air conditioned treadmill or hot muggy trail run? Definitely hot muggy trail run. Unless you include definite snake sitings, then I might go for treadmill. 

Do you go crazy for certain race gear, or are you able to keep yourself in check? I usually don't go crazy at all for race gear, but every once in a while, I'll purchase something besides the shirt that comes in the race packet. At Mt. Cheaha 50K, I bought the cotton tee because their tech shirts didn't fit me very well, and the design was cute. I'm so happy I bought that one because I wear it on the daily (almost). 


  1. I love your dedication to getting the miles in. Having only one child makes life easier - usually the Husband and I manage to take it in turns which makes life easier.

    If I qualified for Boston, I would buy ALL THE GEAR. I don't usually buy additional things apart from the race shirt - I tried really hard for San Francisco but didn't like any of the stuff (or wasn't prepared to pay those prices for it) which really saddened me!! But when the Husband does his IronMan, we are buying EVERYTHING!!!

  2. Lisa, this is your first Boston, so allow me to give you some sage advice. When you go to the expo, either leave your credit card at home or be prepared to spend a bunch...oh, yes you will! Keychains, cups, mugs, pins, patches, hats...everything!! You will be on Boston Crack. And your only rational reason to buy all this stuff is "I deserve this". Stay excited girl.

  3. Last year I went to the Boston Expo and I saw Kara and Shalane! I was absolutely star struck! It was so great!

  4. I have the Super Nova tee and it's one of the few things that I bought, that I love. I ordered up a size because I like my shirts loose, maybe that's why I love it?
    Overall, last year, I was pretty disappointed with the official gear and how it fit. BUT, at the expo, stop over by the Saucony gear. They had a ton of adorable Boston t-shirts, and I ended up buying 3 or 4. They are fitted type shirts, so I sized up on those as well.

    Someone wise, advised me to wear a sports bra and tank top to the marathon expo, under my regular shirt, so I could easily try one clothes while there. I mean, it's BOSTON, you want to make sure what you buy fits! Best piece of advice that I had received.

    1. Obvs I meant try ON clothes, (not one).

  5. We really need to meet for a playdate and get to know each other!! I have done lots of babysit swapping to get my long runs done. I am injured right now, so I have free time on Saturday mornings. I have also found fields and/or playgrounds that I could run around while they played. Lately though, I have just gotten up crazy early, think 3am, to get it done. It is a little crazy, but totally worth it to know that you got it done. For my last marathon, I also did my long run on Friday morning once or twice when we were heading out of town for the weekend. I could only get about 15 miles in and I still had to get up super early though, but it was still worth it.

    Good luck at Boston!!! That is just so exciting!!

  6. Nice job getting the 17 miler done. Sometimes we have to be creative to get the training in. Thanks for the run down on the Boston gear. I have yet to order anything, think I'll just wait and pay way too much at the expo! Although my sister ordered the Graphic Tee for both of us to run the Boston 5k in and I haven't seen it yet, so now I'm worried it won't fit me, seeing as I am definitely not shaped like Barbie!


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