April 17, 2014

Ortholite review and giveaway

As a runner, you buy into some things because they are cool, like these dolphin banana snacks I found at the Oak Mountain 50K. 

I made them practical by also eating the jelly bean in the dolphin's mouth. Not just for show.

Then you buy into some things because they are practical, like this hydration pack that I resisted for so long but now cannot live without. 

Fist pump for hydration.

Today's post is about the practical, something you can't even see while you're running: your insoles. 

Ortholite sent me these Fusion insoles to try out for Boston Marathon training.

I honestly don't spend very much time thinking about my insoles. Although I wear several pairs of shoes that already come with Ortholite insoles, like Salomons and Nikes, I don't notice them because they work. Meaning that if they didn't work, I would be annoyed and ripping them out and wondering what was wrong with them. 

In fact, the one time I had an issue with drainage in a pair of Salomons was when I put a different (non-Ortholite) pair of insoles in them. After we crossed a couple of creeks, those other insoles felt like running on soggy sponges the rest of the race. 

When I read this packaging, that light of understanding past mistakes went off in my head. Ding, ding, ding. No wonder those shoes didn't drain. The other brand of insoles I used didn't have moisture management like their distant, more functional cousin Ortho. 

Ortholite also offers the following: 

Unfortunately, I really need the antimicrobial more than anything else on this list. Sister's gotta get some odor eaters, or just some more Ortholites. For this reason alone, I was happy to freshen up the insoles of my older shoes. 

If you are looking for a basic (meaning not with built-up arches) insole that will drain well and keep your foot dry and smelling better, these are the insoles for you. Ortholites have proven time and time again, across millions of pairs of shoes, that they stand the test of time and wear that runners throw (or stomp) at them. 

You can purchase them online, or you can win one of three pairs that Ortholite is sending to three of you. Check out the Rafflecopter below for entry details and get to entering!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway ends on Boston Marathon race day. Happy winning!