May 21, 2014

Join 1Hour Break's rocking Indiegogo campaign, plus I'm an official run coach!

Ever need help going to sleep? For a lot of you runners, that's a piece of cake, but I was born with the now-that-it's-10-p.m.-I-get-a-second-wind gene. Maybe that means that I should go to bed at 9:30. Either way, I get a lot done between the hours of 10 and 1 a.m. At least I think I'm getting a lot done, but I'm not at all convinced that it's worth the sleep deprivation. 

When I got a sample of 1Hour Break, I decided to put it on my nightstand to try as I was thinking about (but not) going to sleep, and I LOVED it. It was easy to take (spray), and it helped me feel relaxed and not as rushed to fit in a million new things before bedtime. 

Here's a breakdown of the product for you. 

If you aren't into herbal solutions, this probably isn't for you. But if you are, this is worth a shot if you have trouble calming the frick down at night. My bottle still has a special place beside my bed. I also use lavender oil (a dab on my neck) to relax at night and the eucalyptus oil for waking up in the morning. 

After using this at night, I don't feel drowsy when I wake up in the morning, just rested and ready to go. This isn't something I use every night, although you could. I take it on an as-needed basis, which also helps to make the bottle last longer. Each bottle has 80 pumps in it, and a serving is approximately 5 pumps.

You can also use it in the daytime for anxiety, as it doesn't cause drowsiness, just a general calm. 

Right now, the company is going into the final two days of their Indiegogo (like Kickstarter) campaign. They've exceeded they're $20K goal by a long shot and are now trying to make it to $100K to be considered by big retailers like Whole Foods. There are lots of purchase options for the campaign, like one bottle for $15 or four bottles for $40. Or even 20 bottles for $199 with the added bonus of $10/bottle for life, kind of a cool option. Shipping in the US is included in that donation amount, extra for international shipping. 

Going now to put in my order.

And for a recap:


In other news, I passed the RRCA exam and am now a certified run coach!!! For those of you who didn't know, I am already teaching aqua and kiddo classes, plus I work with the run club at Life Time Fitness, leading runs on Tuesday nights at 6 and leading Dawn Patrol, a runner boot camp, on Monday mornings from 6-6:45 (both of which are FREE for all the peoples, not just Life Time members--just meet us at the front door of Life Time). 

But now that I'm certified to help runners, I'm going to be coaching a summer trail training program that follows the Sizzling Summer Trail series

Here are the details

If you are local and want to get started with trail running, this program is for you. Or if you just want cool stuff and someone to tell you what to do, this is also for you. You'll get a ton of extras along with entry into the races and a training plan that will fit your needs. Plus you'll get one freaking excited coach! More exclamation marks, please!!!!! Go here to sign up.


And last, you have one more day to enter to win an Apera sprint pack that highlights Special Olympics. Go here to enter. 

I swear that is all the announcements for one day. Carry on, runner friends. 


  1. Hey Lisa! I am super interested in signing up for your trail running clinic! That is a great price for 3 races, plus all the other stuff. Can you give a few more details about when group runs/training would be? My hours are pretty limited due to little ones at home. Also, can I share your post to some other friends that might want to join me? Thanks! You are always such an inspiration in all that you do along with being a mom of 4 kids! :)

    1. The Tuesday night trail run at Red Mountain will be our weekly group training run. You'll also get a training plan to last through the final race of the series, but it will be more flexible to fit your schedule. And feel free to share!

  2. So awesome that you will be coaching.

  3. Congrats on your new coach status! You will be so great!


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