May 9, 2014

After the party: Athleta is now open in Birmingham

For you Birmingham folks, there's a new place to find gear for swimming, yoga, and that little sport I love, running. Athleta had their grand opening party Tuesday night, and once the doors opened the flood, which we are experienced with lately in Alabama, of ladies (and some men!) came crashing in.

Toeing the red carpet line.

My job that night was to work with the B-Metro live social media team, to update the community on what was happening at The Summit. Tanya Sylvan (fellow runner who I absolutely adore) and Abby Hathorn (probably the cutest person online and in person you will ever meet) were there to help too! 

Lauren (the brains behind B-Metro social media), Tanya, Lisa, Abby

Our job looked a lot like this. Pretty glamorous.

Although I was able to fit in some of this as well. Where there is red carpet, there will be jumping. 

Straight up pant does not bind on the ups.

While we got nerdy in the corner, all of the other visitors were partying hard. By partying hard, I mean trying to decide between the neon or the black running jacket or to go with underwire or no underwire in their swimsuit top. That's my kind of party!

Carson (new friend from that night! also training for her first marathon!) went with neon.

There were also giveaways, food, and beverages.

Plenty of browsing the selection. 

Selfie snapping.

Chatting with friends.

Trying things out. 

And getting answers from the Athleta team. 

I'll let you in on a couple of secrets from that night. One, I went into it with a giant shiner from my son, who jumped for joy right into my face the day before the party. It got me thinking, when was the last time I jumped for joy? Then I remembered, oh, on the red carpet at Athleta (see above). So I understood. But, dang, it hurt. Thanks to Athleta's neighbor Sephora for hooking me up with a much less Rocky IV version of my eye.

Second, Athleta does free alterations. If you are 5'2" like me, their petite version might be perfect, or you can just get them to make it perfect, for FREE.

Although I left my pants behind to get hemmed, I didn't go home empty handed. I was obsessed with this capitola tankini top all night, hoping that my size wouldn't sell out. I got lucky. The blue and yellow color combo is perfect, and I love the yellow ties to ruche the sides a little. 

Here's what else I like, the underwire. Normally I would say that I don't need underwire at all, under any circumstance, but it boosted the little bit that God gave me. Don't laugh when you squint at the pictures to try and decide if that is a mom's or small man's chest you are seeing. Believe me that it is a step up from what is usually happening in that arena. And if you're chestier, I can only imagine the underwire being crucial. 

The other thing I brought home was the light wander wrap. I was thinking, beach at night perfection. Plus it has thumbholes. I am a fan of all things thumbhole. I went a size down in this to get a tighter fit.

It was great to see so many of my local running buddies there that night, and I feel very ecstatic about the idea that fitness is growing enough in Birmingham to provide the market for another fitness clothing store for women. Go, Alabama! But let's get real, I will be wearing those black pants as my uniform in all non-workout situations as well.

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