May 18, 2014

Never get bored

My daughter recently discovered that she could do art all day long and never get bored. 

Basically, I am going to start forcing her to actually do art all day long because I want more cat pics like this. She forbid me from stealing this one because she wants to hang it in her own room. If it comes up "missing," do not look at any of the walls in my room. I swear it will not be to the left of my bed. 

Right over my new medal holder (thank you, Target clearance aisle). This hanging system is an upgrade from the three-hook system I had implemented before. And the reason the medals are in uneven batches on the hooks is that I divided them onto hooks by distance. The slim pickings hook is ultra runs, which you usually just get a high five for finishing instead of a medal, and the middle hook is the marathon hook. Either I go really crazy for marathons, or they give out the most/largest medals. I think it's a combination of the two. 

Now back to doing something all day without getting bored. My kids could eat ice cream and watch the Lego movie all day on repeat. 

I could eat Thai food all day forever and possibly not get bored. Lime, cilantro, and peanuts never taste less than amazing.

And, surprise (!), yesterday I figured out that I can go to a class about running from 8-5 and not a single time fall asleep or want to stab pencils into my eyes. If all goes well tomorrow and on the exam, I'll still have my eyeballs (hopefully maintaining the lack of desire to stab pencils into them) and start the summer off in coaching mode.

If you're considering taking this course and you see that it's in your area, sign up immediately. The class here in Birmingham filled up with a quickness, and I think it's like that everywhere. I've been wanting to take this for a while, but it's hard to make an out-of-town weekend training work with the family schedule. So it made the decision easy to sign up instantly when I saw it was coming here.

What could you do all day and not get bored? Reading would be up there on the list for me too.

Does your current job relate to your above answer? Is there a way to combine Thai food and running into a single job. If yes, I'm set for life.