June 21, 2014

A look inside our swag bags

As my head hit the pillow last night, I pinky swore with my myself that I would sleep in this morning to get extra rest for Race Against the Sun. No dice. At 7:30 a.m., I just couldn't take it any longer. My mind was churning through the day and all of the things I could be doing. Like making a longer playlist for the race and baking cookies for today's piano recital. And cleaning, but that item never leaves the agenda.

What did I actually do first thing? I chose music as the first order of business.

Shot At The Night is my official RATS theme song. It's perfect. "Give me a shot at the night." That's all I want, a shot at finishing the mileage before dawn. Realistically, not likely, but I'm gonna get out there and get at it (Alabama speak).

Even though the to-do list never ends, I could relax knowing that I already packed the car with gear for race one of tomorrow's double header, Sizzlin' Summer Trail Series Ruffner edition 8K/15K. 

My training team for this race will get their swag bags tomorrow at the race. 

Here's a look at the contents. 

Thank you to BANa Rehydration, Skin Sake, Resolute Running, Alabama Outdoors, and Swiftwick for contributing to the swag for the training team. 

"When life takes it out of you, BANa gives it back." I could also personally use something that helps when racing in 150million% humidity and 100 degrees takes it out of you. I've already packed my bag for tonight's race with some BANa. I'll let you know how it works out for me. 

Like an IV in a bottle

Here's some more info from their site:
Unlike the hundreds of other drinks that claim to rehydrate, BANa capitalizes on the scientifically proven hydrating property of sodium, while also replenishing the body’s store of other electrolytes all without loading you up with calories and sugar.

They also make a product for rehydrating kids, whether they're overheated from playing outside or sick with one of the fun things that spread through the classrooms at school.

I'm also excited that my trainees get to try out Skin Sake, my personal ointment of choice when it comes to ultra running and warding of the chafe monster. Tip: (I'm just going to come out and say it) you've got to get in there and put some ointment on your booty region. OK, so I didn't exactly come out and say it, but if you need clarification, please email me. Make sure to be near a sink for washing hands after (or use a glove), but you will not regret doing this in an ultra. Other races, you can get away with not lubing up there, but not the ultras. 

And I'm hoping that we can have a trainee come away with one of these awards for the race tomorrow. They are the most adorable medals I have ever seen -- actually made of cast iron. My kids were dying because they all wanted one of their own. Better get your legs moving then, kids, so you can win one. 

How have I been preparing food-wise for race weekend? My superfoods of the week are beets and watermelon. I will not confirm or deny that I will eat a whole watermelon by myself. It's hydration and carb loading in one. Right?!

Beets go with everything. Sort of. Almost.

Where is the most important place to apply lube when racing long distances? Help out your fellow racers by keeping it real.

What's your pre-race superfood? One that you always eat before races. I usually eat a sweet potato the night before too. 

How do you keep your electrolytes up during a race? Especially a really hot race. Gels, drinks, pills? 


  1. I suck at electrolyte replacement - probably why I can't finish a 50!!!
    Those medals are awesome!

  2. I'll be using Nuun and S-caps for my electrolytes. And I'll have 2 water bottles.

  3. Those are one-of-a-kind medals! I've never run a race where I had to prove I had run it by bringing back a rock. The race sounds tough, but fun. I used Tailwind drink for most of my recent 50k.

  4. I lose lots of electrolytes (Crohn's) and in the summer I can get some nasty charlie horses. I drink 1/2 water and 1/2 coconut water post race. Lots of the commercial products have sugar alcohols or HFC syrup that really don't like my tummy!

  5. Nice swag bags! I can only imagine the fun your kids would have with the "medals"!


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