June 8, 2014

The Factory: add it to your summer must-do list

Every summer we make a list of all of the fun we want to accomplish in our short yearly escapade of together-all-day-every-day time. This year's list looks like this.

What have we done so far? One of the activities that all of the kids unanimously agreed on: The Factory, which is like the trampoline gym on crack. 

Did you know that trampoline jumping will wear you out in a few minutes? Especially when you are challenging a bunch of 8 year olds in trampoline dodge ball. There is no mercy! Every adult needs to bounce around surrounded by kids on a giant trampoline at least once a quarter. It is good for your heart. And they should call it The Smile Factory because everyone there was so happy while they were jumping. 

The rest of the building is filled with fun too. From the lighting to the wall art to the black light dance room to the junk robot building competition to the batting cage to the air hockey to parents being able to chill in the lobby while watching a live feed of their kids jumping. 

I kept taking pictures for decorating ideas at home. 

Idea for painting the twins' room.

In summary: The Factory is the perfect prescription for kids who are bouncing of the walls anyway. Why not just give them some walls that double as a trampoline? Also works as a sleep aid.

Next was VBS!

Plus we learned how to do a side braid. Seriously, I felt like I won Pinterest when I figured this out. Based on that last sentence you can correctly infer that I am not a hairstylist. Even simple hairstyle accomplishments amaze me. BTW, I cut everyone's hair in my house except for my own, which might make you feel sorry for them after reading the previous sentences. Who cuts hair at your family's house? An amateur or a pro?

Of course I have running to accomplish that didn't make it onto the official summer list. One thing that is not helping that plan is that I got really sick this weekend with strep throat. When I went into the doc, they called my 104.4 temp "remarkable for an adult." And I got the booty shot of penicillin that hurts even worse the next day. Oh, but in all of the feverish stir, I missed my long run that was going to prep me for that crazy RATS race, and now I'm feeling less confident about that whole scenario. 

Not on any list but one more thing I found interesting, Scott Jurek was the feature story of the Costco mag, which I always put straight in the trash, until this month. Did any of you see/read this? 

What's on your summer fun list? 

Favorite place to visit that will be so much fun that it will makes kids fall asleep on the ride home? 


  1. You did a lovely job with that braid. I think The Factory looks like fun. When I was a kid we used to go to a place that had oodles of tramps at ground level and you could jump from one to the next. Always loved it. Hope you have a great Summer... love your list... especially LOOK FOR A DOG !!

  2. We've been wanting to go check out The Factory but haven't fit it in to any of our recent Gadsden trips. It looks awesome! I think it's great you're the family barber! Brian and I learned to cut each other's hair early on to save money and I love having my barber in house. Where else can you get a haircut at 9pm in your jammies, while watching a movie and carefully eating snacks?!

    1. Probably better to do post-pregnancy!:) And I laughed when I read that because we did a 9 p.m. haircut last night during family movie night.

  3. How am I a Costco member and don't get this, darnit.

    1. Someone else said that too. We are executive members, so maybe that's why? Are you an executive member? We buy so much there that it ends up worth it to have that one because of the rebate.

  4. I'll bet that put them to sleep. I love when my kids get all tired after exercise. Nice job on the side braid. I really need to kick things up a notch with my daughter's hair. :)

    Jessica @ SweatIsMySanity.blogspot.com


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