July 1, 2014

Please help me, Hammer Perpetuem

Because of the nutrition problems I've been having at long races lately, I'm trying to find the magic pill. The beanstalk to my Jack. The Emergen-C to my summer cold. The Robin Williams to my Good Will Hunting Matt Damon. The Jay-Z to my Beyonce. I can't tell if these are gaining or losing strength.

So I'm looking into Hammer's Perpetuem and just ordered the Strawberry-Vanilla from Amazon.

According to their description, this is the product you want for long, slow endurance runs. Anything 3+ hours. I'm pretty much bonking or getting an upset stomach on anything over 30 miles, and since I'm not Rob Krar, that is definitely over three hours.

Here's what Hammer says:

What's in Perpetuem?Carbohydrates - As with all Hammer Nutrition fuels, no simple sugars are added to the carbohydrate profile. Perpetuem contains a specific maltodextrin, which provides nearly 87% of its caloric composition in long chain carbohydrates. Protein - A new calcium-enhanced soy protein isolate known as "XT" makes up nearly 10% of the caloric profile of Perpetuem, the same percentage as is cannibalized during long slow endurance workouts. This particular soy protein contains a very high amount of intact, cardiovascular-enhancing isoflavones. Fat - A de-oiled "super lecithin" (extracted from the soybean) is ideal for consistently and reliably fueling the body and maximizing energy production from stored fatty acids. Sweetener - Made from Energy Smart, the same healthy sweetener in Hammer Gel. One container has 16 servings of Perpetuem. It's ideal for workouts and races over 3 hours. Perpetuem comes in three flavors -- Cafe Latte, Orange Vanilla, Strawberry Vanilla, and Unflavored.

I'll follow up with a taste and effectiveness report, although it may be a few weeks before I run 3+ hours again. Because summer.

What keeps you trucking after three hours of running?

Do only insane people run that long in 1bazillion% humidity?