July 25, 2014

You better run like a girl

We just arrived home from our 14-day tour of the East coast(ish). Driving through Amish country in Ohio (remember that I added -ish to the coast part) two days ago reminded me that life can be a lot simpler than we make it. We can get by with less than we are. We can make things from scratch, and we can try to build the new things we want from old things that we have.

The other thing that inspired me recently is this video. Have you already seen it? If not, watch now.

What would you have done if they asked you to run "like a girl"? I hope I'm not accidentally, because of subconscious societal norms/customs, giving the impression to my daughter that I expect less from her than I do from our sons.

**More to come on our East coast tour! Plus I'm racing an 18-miler tomorrow. Fingers crossed that I run like the kick-butt girls who live around these parts. 

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