August 23, 2014

House reno and buckets of ice

House renovation step one: completed. Well mostly (still working on the stairs). My husband, who grew up on a farm where they learned how to do every single thing ever, took the deck apart and built this new one to replace it. This was his project while we were out on our East coast road trip. I think he had just as much fun as us. Woodworking to him is like running to me -- meditative and relaxing. 

I love everything about the deck. If you look to the right, you can see the bar that starts on that side and continues around the other side and to the house, so we have plenty of spots to chow down with some friends. He found the outdoor lights at Bargain Hunt, which is a type of overstock discount store that they have in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama, that I know of. The rope for the lights is super sturdy, and we just installed the metal poles to keep secure them at the height we wanted. 

Next step in house renovation: kitchen counters. I went in for a small sample, and they practically had to dolly out this sucker. That's a full-size backpack it's smashing. After we use it for sampling, we plan to make a dining room table out of it. 

The first step in renovating anything is cleaning the existing space. I spent a large chunk of today cleaning out papers and found a few gems. 

I'm kind of obsessed with Twin B's drawing skills. His stick figure mural for some reason looks like a stick figure funeral to me. Casket in the top left corner. 

Another goldmine: this recipe book that Bella made after I taught her how to use the blender. Based on this cookbook, you can tell we shop at Costco. Power greens = Costco's newest salad mix that includes kale. Spectrum blend = their bag of frozen mixed fruit. 

And after today's 19+ road miles, I could use one of those fruit shakes. 

This picture was taken an hour after our 5 a.m. start when we met the rest of the group. Just getting light out. 

Luckily, I found some trail buddies out on the skreets.

Even having friends there to take away the mental pain of a long run in 100000000-degree heat does not help the pain in my feet right now. Wearing my marshmallow Hokas didn't leave me pain free. Gotta do more long runs on the roads if I want to get used to this. Or maybe not so that the pain never starts in the first place. 

But I did get cooled off with the ALS ice bucket challenge. I tried to avoid it for a long time until I watched this video. 

For the love of everything, watch this video. It gets real after minute two. Donate and do the challenge even if you find it irritating.

I was just surprised that it was so dang refreshing, and now I'm kind of wishing I could do this after every long run.

Thanks for the pic, Monk E!

How do you feel about the ice bucket challenge?

What would your dream challenge be? I wish someone would challenge me to eat at an Indian buffet every day. 

What was the high temp where you were running today? High of 94 with 75% humidity.


  1. Yesterday it was only 85 but I thought I was going to puke or pass out while running. I have struggled all summer with the heat! I hope that it cools down before my 9/11 ultra!!!

    1. Which ultra are you doing?! I hope that your temps cool down too! Running in heat is my new fear.

  2. Finally cooled off to the low 70s here but humidish due to monsoon season but after reading your temps above I will stop complaining;).

    1. Humidity can make the nicest sounding numbers feel gross.


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