August 10, 2014

Life is good, eat s'mores (a Balance Bar giveaway!)

How soon is too soon? Too soon is tomorrow when these cool kids start back to school.

Too soon is discussing with your spouse signing up for another race the morning after you were gone all day for a 50 miler. 

Too soon is eagerly stepping into a steamy shower after a long run in the rain. Chafe much? 

But is it ever too soon to start another giveaway? Well, I'm pushing the limits tonight by starting one five seconds after the other one finishes. 

You may have noticed that my postings are so slim lately. We bought a house, I'm working more hours, the kids were out of school (going back in the morning). Plus I'm still running. So that means that I have less time for the fun part of life, making up junk to post on the internet. 

Now that the kids will be back in school, I'm going to become a professional painter while I rehab the paint on the inside and outside of our new house. 

For anyone who is interested at all (all two of you), we ended up purchasing the home that we have been living in ever since we moved to Alabama. In a strange turn of events where we tried our hardest to find another home to purchase for about eight months, we realized that the best deal for the house we loved most was the one we have been living in all along. The random rental house that we found via Craigslist and agreed to rent without ever seeing it in person. Life can sometimes be a long string of happy accidents. 

All of that to say, sorry for the little content, but not sorry to be posting another giveaway for y'all. 

This one is to celebrate National S'mores Day, which is today. You still have time to celebrate if you haven't yet! Well, at least you could probably whip up a microwave version. And, sorry, you're out of time if you live on the East coast. 

I know you're thinking, how did I not realize that such an important holiday was happening on this very day? Truthfully, if more recognized by Hallmark, this holiday would most likely be more important to people than Valentine's Day. You see, on National S'mores Day you don't have to reciprocate love to another human in exchange for chocolate, you just get the chocolate. Less pressure, just as much chocolate, with a marshmallow bonus. 

Or if you're trying to keep it a little healthier with a balanced dose of carbs, protein and fat, there are Balance Bar Gold S'mores.  

I tried them out and liked the taste. Not the exact copy of the campfire s'more, but still enough to satisfy your sweet tooth with only 14 grams of sugar.

And if you squint, you can read the ingredients above.

Interested in trying them out for yourself? Win a free box of Balance Bars just like the one above by entering the Rafflecopter below. For U.S. residents only.

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  1. Cool story about your house! Now if only you hadn't had to spend the eight months of looking to make that realization. On the plus side, you don't have to move, and the rental house was available to buy! Tomorrow is definitely too soon for school to start. I hope the school has A/C!

  2. I haven't met a bar I don't like (yet)! It's so easy to just keep them in our run bags for a quick snack. On another note, I went in search of BANa water yesterday, can't wait to try it!

  3. I think that Balance bars were the first ones I ever tried many years ago. I love all kinds of bars now.

  4. I usually like any brand peanut butter, but smores sounds tasty!

  5. I like a variety of bars, haven't had balance bars in quite awhile though!

    Congrats on your house!

  6. Such a bar person. I love them when it's too soon to eat a big meal before a run or a workout session but I need something to hold me off.

  7. I am a fan of Larabars, and Luna bars, I like a variety of flavors, usually anything with chocolate

  8. I love all bars but larabars are high on the list.

  9. I love ProBars. Found them at Mountain High Outfitters in Auburn!

  10. I've heard a lot about these, and would love to try them!

  11. Quest bars are in the pantry at the moment!

  12. I like Quest Bars, but I've always wanted to try balance bars (Yes I'm definitely a bar person!!!)

  13. I DO miss your blogging more frequently as you are one of my interweb running inspirations, but your new house sounds extremely exciting and I'm so glad for you! What a wonderful turn of events!

  14. Luna Bars & Kind Bars are my favorites. I've never tried Quest but I'd love to!

  15. Ive never had balance bars but I would love to try them!


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