September 16, 2014

Women's Running Series Nashville race winner

Checking in quickly to let Holly know that she won the entry to Women's Running Series Nashville Half via the number generator on Holly, email me by the end of today to get your race entry -- yomommaruns(at) (If I don't hear back from Holly by the end of today, I'll pick another winner tomorrow, so we can get the ball rolling on the race registration.) If you still want to sign up but need an incentive, here's a discount code for $10 off: YOMOMMA. 

And now back to my current regularly scheduled program: non-stop house fixing. At least my Tuesday night job as run lead at Life Time requires running, so I won't be totally MIA in the running world. 

Yesterday, we had these quartzite countertops installed. They look similar to marble, but the hardness/durability is between marble and granite. They are not quartz, even though all of my internet searches want to lead me to that when I want info about quartzite. 

Any backsplash recommendations from the masses? I'm running out of ideas that my husband likes.