January 19, 2015

Recharge your resolutions

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Confession: I'm addicted to resolutions. I operate better when I have some pressing need or goal. When I say "operate better," I mean that I make something a priority when it is glaring at me with its neediness/goaliness. So I set resolutions, lots of resolutions. And I read them about once a month to remind myself that there is a nagging goal written down that wants me to make some forward progress.

January, of course, is prime resolution time, but I like setting goals all year, and I see my to-do list as more of a goal list. It makes you feel more accomplished that way. Like, I reached my goal today...of cleaning the toilet. Seems so much more exciting when you call it a "goal." 

All of this to say, my most standout goals for the month of January were to eat clean for this month and to start running again in a responsible, care-free manner. 

As far as eating goes, I thought I was going to do the Whole30 plan, but then I merged it with another cleanse that I tried a long time ago with Prescribe Nutrition. What does that mean? It means I eat some grains, beans, honey, and stevia. So not completely Whole30, maybe more like Partial30, but AwholelotbetterthanIwaseatingbefore30. We are actually finishing piles of fruits and veggies, instead of guiltily watching them wilt to unedible-ness. 

With this revival of healthier eating, I've been tweaking what I eat on long runs to see if I can come up with some healthier alternatives. This week I ran with water and a couple packs of Mamma Chia. Plus I had a Lara Bar in the car for post-workout fuel. 

While I love Mamma Chia, two packs was not enough to sustain three hours of running. Even if they were slow hours. I was starving by the time I finished and very glad to have that back-up Lara Bar snack. And there is no way that I could have gotten away with running on that during the summer, because of no electrolyte replacements in any of the food I brought. Winter is so good and bad that way. Only bad because you untrain yourself from what you learned the hard way during the summer.

And in case you are wondering why the run was so slow, somehow the leader (not naming any names *points to self*) veered everyone off course looking for a new trail.

Just another opportunity to be present.

Along with a refreshing run in pretty much perfect run weather, I got to see the most beautiful sunrise that progressed the closer I got to where we were meeting at Ruffner Mountain. 

I like to see my goals like that sunrise run, starting out in the dark and cold and having to use your flashlight to cut through the dark, but as you progress, little by little, like an artist slowly fills in a canvas, the picture of what you are capable of becomes clearer and clearer until the end result is even better than you could have imagined. And then the cycle begins again. Because learning, growing, making mistakes, and living are never finished.

Yesterday, we celebrated the end of one training cycle with the finale party for the Southeastern Trail Series party. It's interesting hanging out with runners in large (or small) groups because this is where crazy ideas start to brew. Like, sure, you should run Lake Martin 100 in two months. Huh? << you say. That's what I said too. But still, it planted a seed. But in keeping with my second goal, to run responsibly, I will push myself to be cautious.

Getting ready for award ceremony. Too many people to fit!

My party buddy since high school, Jimmay (aka big brother).

Tell us about a goal that you are still keeping? I can't believe I haven't eaten any Hint of Lime chips in over two weeks. 

And what about one that isn't going so well? Ok, I swear that I am updating our will this week. Practical goals still need to be done as much as the fun ones. 

Most beautiful site on a run lately? Other than that amazing sunrise, the crushers at Ruffner are pretty dang cool too. 


  1. you always have great pictures! I love the Partial 30... that is how I see it too!

  2. AT&T Park is where I would love to race.

  3. Been off caffeine for 4 days now. I can afford to cheat but once a week can turn into a lot more.

    1. I have been using matcha green tea lately for caffeine. Have you tried it?

  4. So far so good on the 2015 goals- lift weights more, read more, eat a vegetable. Nailing it. I love that you have such a fun group of runners to hang with! Seems like a great group! Happy 2015! Excited to see what adventures you get up to this year!:)


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