March 30, 2015

Take on Legoland for Spring Break

If your kids are like mine, sometimes the best and sometimes smelly with an attitude but always ready for adventure and obsessed with Legos (yes, that last one is key), then they will freak out over Legoland. 

Three of my four kids were born in Florida, so even though we currently live in Alabama, I'm going to consider this Legoland as on their home turf. And it's close enough to grandma's house in Ocala to make it a completely doable trip over spring or summer break. 

Where is Legoland Florida? They took over what was previously Cyprus Gardens. Yes, the place best known for synchronized water skiing back in the day. 

What's there to day? More than I imagined. Trading mini-figures with employees, lots of rides, programming Lego robots, of course building Legos, water show (a Cypress throwback), touring giant Lego creations, live shows, and of course shopping for customized mini-figures. 

Like any vacation, it is not complete without a total meltdown.

Not loving the first ride. We picked the scariest for the first! Bad move.
No one is scared here.

Terrified twins!

Programming Lego bots.

Shooting riders on the water ride!

Water show.

Lego New York City.

Should you go? Do you have kids (or adults!) who love Legos? Or do you just have kids. Even kids not into Legos will love this place! It's not as crowded as Disney and a full day of fun. Not convinced, check out this kindergartener summary of our trip.

Basically, his only memory from our entire trip is Legoland.

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