May 22, 2015

Challenge yourself! (+ a Spartan race giveaway)

Nerd alert: I cannot handle how much I love the show Survivor. Like never-ending, if-I-could-only-watch-one-show-for-eternity love. Obviously, I would want a rotating cast for that eternity of Survivor watching. And BTdubs, I am dying to play that game once in my life. Every time a season ends, I go and read the application requirements again, but I can't convince myself that my family can live without me for 39 days. So I wait.

One of my favorite moments of this season was after the final challenge, the last four players are so exhausted during the challenge that they can barely drag themselves up a set of stairs and are weaving as they walk over to put together the final puzzle. After the challenge is over, one of the contestants who lost sits down exhausted, shaking his head, and says, "Never in the 42 years of me living have I ever been tested like this before. This game has changed me. I want my daughter to know that anything you do in life, if you give it your all, your mama and daddy are gonna be proud of you, whether you fail or not." Followed by, "We did it. We left it all out there."

That right there is exactly why I race. There is a certain fulfillment that you get in racing, knowing that you challenged yourself. You threw yourself against a wall and either broke through or got knocked down. And if you got knocked down, you got up and tried it again. If you fail, if you don't win, who cares? At least you tried hard things. At least you didn't coast through life. At least you tested your limits, and inevitably, you'll find out that you're capable of more than you thought. And the failures teach you how to change and how to grow.

So if you're looking for something new to try, Spartan races have a great deal going right now, 40% off race entries with the code MEMORIAL, expires 5/27.

Spartan is basically the perfect Survivor training. Watch this video to learn more about what you're up against when you sign up for Spartan. My favorite quote from the video: "Life is meant to be lived and experienced. And I'm just getting started."

And the folks at Spartan have been great enough to give me another free race opportunity to pass along to you! It's super easy to enter -- so basically the opposite of the actual race.

Here's how to win.

Spartan is providing the free entry for this giveaway. I am not receiving compensation for this post, and all thoughts and and opinions are my own.