August 30, 2015

Run hack: make your run route your phone's wallpaper

There are about a million trillion things I've had to say about running and life and running again, but BUT but life happens on the regular in these parts. There is zero-ish time for writing, and I miss it like gin misses juice (laid back, with my mind on my money and my money on my mind). Side note: that song was on the 90's rap playlist that Amory made for me for my road trip, and yes, it is nearly the perfect song to roll you into Los Angeles.

After almost an entire month of no running (but lots of hiking) on our month-long road trip this summer (see my instagram @yomommaruns for pics), I am back to training, with the goal of my third 50 miler looming in December. It's only ominously looming because a year and a half ago was that time I almost died trying to run 50 miles, so I'm a little hesitant. Heat and dehydration played a huge role in my near-death running experience, so I'm hoping that a December race will cut back on the possibilities of losing too many electrolytes and fluids to my crazy intense sweating.

The worst (clarity, not subjects, of course) picture on earth, but it proves we were there.

My brother and Scott (who hit 1200 miles on this run!) headlong into the sunrise.

So in the spirit of getting back to running, here is my most recent running hack to share.

The problem: you want to see directions on your phone, but after 10 miles in the Alabama humidity, there is not a single dry thing to wipe off your phone's touch screen so that you can swipe it and look at directions.

Enter the solution...

Make your run route your phone's wallpaper. Temporarily of course, because you need the picture of you five cats back there ASAP.

Here's what my phone's lock screen looked like this weekend. 

For the wallpaper-changing-up challenged iPhone users, here's a step by step. 

1. Take a screen shot of the directions (press Power and Home button at the same time to take a screen shot). 

2. Go to Settings, go to Wallpaper. 

3. Select the Choose a New Wallpaper option. 

4. Go to Camera Roll and select the picture of your directions. 

5. Set the picture, and choose Set Lock Screen option. 

Tada, you are now awesome. And all of your friends will admire your ability to only press one button on your phone and know all of the directions. 

Also, for the love, use the Lifeproof case for your phone if you are a runner. I have the exact one linked in the previous sentence and am old school by refusing to upgrade to the iPhone 6. This case has protected my phone from approximately 8 million gallons of sweat, and my phone still works like a champ. Plus, Lifeproof has replaced this case twice when I had some issues with it. Granted, it needed to be replaced twice (the clear front cover became detached from the rim, in both cases), but they still win with awesome customer service. And no, I am in no way affiliated with this company, but you gotta show some love to the people still giving good service out there. Because it seems to be happening less and less. That or I am getting older and grumpier by the second. Most likely a double super combo of both. 

Thank you and amen (because it's Sunday). 


  1. Great idea! And I have been looking for a new phone case too :)

  2. Awesome idea. I have been resorting to printing out those directions, then watching them slowly dissolve and self destruct in my hand as I run, James-Bond-style.


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