June 29, 2016

Check out my podcast with Marathon Runs

Before I ever met Suman of mruns.com, I saw a video that he posted of the start line of the Birmingham Track Club's Statue 2 Statue race. You never once see him in the video, but instead he holds the camera and scans all of the runners with almost all of them calling him by name and greeting him as he walks through the crowd. One of my favorite parts of life is looking back at little pieces of life's puzzle and comparing that to the picture you have now, which of course is still not what it will look like in the end. Back then I wondered who the face was behind the video. Who knows that many people at a race start line?! And who never turns the camera on themselves?!

In time I met Suman at the Southeastern Trail Series, where he and I have been the three-year champions for the long series, which is looking extremely iffy for year four -- for me more than for him. Suman continues to be the person walking through the crowd with the camera, at every single race. He's a steady runner who takes risks (like bumping from 50 to the 100-mile race during Lake Martin a few years ago), an information sharer and race documenter to the max, a philanthropist (supporting his home country Nepal through their recent tragedies with fundraising), and just a nice dude. So when he asked me to join him for his new running podcast, I was happy to support him. And, duh, I love talking. Check out the past episodes on his site. And if you have 30 minutes to hear my running story, check it out below.

Me and Suman in our year-three champion jacket.  Photo by Mruns.com. (of course!)


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