Who is Yo Momma?

Update: As of 2014, I am an RRCA certified running coach and would love to help you get faster, fitter, and stronger. Contact me at yomommaruns@gmail.com for pricing and information.

Who is Yo Momma? Yo Momma has four kids and a husband. That's why I'm Yo Momma and not Yo Single Person With No Kids. And that blog title was already taken. One of my most vivid memories from my first half marathon was the after-race discussion of the signs along the race route. Voted top favorite: "If this were easy, it'd be called 'your mom.'" I also like to say "your mom" in arguments with my kids. What I'm trying to say is thank you, third graders everywhere, for having the wit to make this blog title possible.

Yo Wife and Yo Husband
2000 -- back before we had digital cameras (or jobs or even five dollars).

2011 -- had we considered taking off our puffy jackets?

I had to start this blog because my family blog was getting overrun by running posts. You see, in real life I have a couple of friends, but they don't necessarily want to hear about running every minute. So this blog is to help me connect with people who don't want to punch running in the face (all the time), or to just cozy up with some search bots.

My family lives in Alabama, the second most obese state -- thanks, Mississippi. A third of people here are obese, and I'm guessing that two thirds of people here comprise People of Walmart. JK, Alabama, love ya. Or bless your heart.

When we moved here from Florida in 2010, I missed my friends, my job teaching at a gym (shoutout to Gainesville Health and Fitness), and my all-lady soccer league. With no job, no team, and a smaller social network, I figured I'd give running a shot. I had been running during soccer for years, so why not try it on the streets? It was that or become another depressing Alabama statistic. Oh, and my friend invited me to run a half marathon. Thank you (or you must hate me), friend, for giving me running. Now, my credit card is all worn out from these race entry fees, and I'm totally hooked. My next blog will either be about Dave Ramsey's plan or Intervention.

My first half marathon, Nashville 2011

With four kids (11, 9, and 5-year-old twinners), it's hard to fit marathon training into our family schedule, but I suck it up because it could make me live a couple of extra days, although my husband likes to quote stats about marathon deaths. Also, I like medals and wearing them to social gatherings. I can't believe I don't have more friends here.

There were two baby ninjas trying to mess up this picture.

Our preemie miracle babies then.

Miracle babies now.

Some other things about me. My favorite color is orange, which would make my favorite holiday Halloween. The candy also makes it my favorite holiday. Christmas is up there too because of the music, cinnamon and pine scents, and Jesus! My husband and I won a roller skating disco dance competition when we were dating. I've lived in Russia and China, and I still speak a tiny little speck of Russian. I'm a night person, nerdy Scrabble lover, beginning crocheter, penny pinching, sometimes healthy eating, yellow rain boot wearing, kid (not dog) whisperer, and creator of frequent spontaneous living room dance parties.

Proof that I love Russia!

Want to use me as your run coach, ask me a question, offer me some advice, share your opinion, let me review your product, or invite me to run a race with you? It happens. Email me at yomommaruns(at)gmail.com.